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episode 1: ZER0 SUM
  • Grabbed August's hand
  • Shade accompanied you
  • Warned Felix
  • Purchased the Psycho mask

episode 2: ATLAS MUGGED
  • Told Sasha to help Rhys
  • Selected the Maliwan brand
  • Didn't peek inside
  • Shot Finch with corrosive damage

episode 3: CATCH A RIDE
  • Told Vallory that Felix was to blame
  • Prevented Athena from killing Cassius
  • Let Vallory help you up

  • Honored Scooter with his catchphrase
  • Tried to stop tour group
  • Took down the priceless painting

  • Shot Finch
  • Agreed to be bad cop
  • Vault Hunter Team: Athena, Janey, Felix August
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NAME: Theresa
CONTACT: PM or [ profile] bloodmoney
CURRENT CHARACTERS: Hellboy ([personal profile] hellshaped)

NAME: Fiona
CANON: Borderlands
AGE: 29
APPEARANCE: A normal human lady who dresses like the scifi version of an old west card player. 9/10 (assuming you like hats).
CANON POINT: Tales from the Borderlands: End of Episode 3.

Borderlands wiki and Tales from the Borderlands wiki.
Characterization choices: saved bullet, warned Felix, chose Vault Hunter, spared Cassius.

Fiona is a talker. A fast talker, a shit-talker, a big talker. She likes telling stories -- sometimes with outrageous embellishments but usually just outright lies -- because they get her in and out of situations with a lot less mess than a gun. Fiona makes her living fooling people, telling stories and selling bogus items with a convincing smile and an easy escape route. She's not just wanted for criminal behavior in Hollow Point -- she's wanted dead, which is something she's really trying to avoid these days, so most of her life is spent ducking behind corners and running when things get too Real.

Because she's always preying on people's trust, Fiona has learned that trust itself is for chumps. You never know who's going to cheat you or sell you out or put a bullet in your back, so Fiona's list of people she can definititvely count on is very short. As of now, it's literally down to one: her sister Sasha. Even her father figure, Felix, has betrayed her, recently cheating her out of a 10 million dollar deal. The wound is still raw, leaving her distrustful and wary of everyone else, though throughout the events of her canon, she learns the value of Friendship and Family and all that Care Bears horseshit.

But the point is, right now, Fiona is suspicious and guarded, and has just had a parental figure steal from her and run off. That kind of stuff will mess with your head and make you start questioning things.

Among the things Fiona is questioning: her place in life. Being a con artist is fine and all, but it's a high risk/low reward sort of deal, and she's getting tired. Big scores are far and in between, and when they finally do happen, greed apparently turns people into backstabbing assholes (see above). Fortuitously, an alternative has just landed in her lap: Vault hunting. Vault Hunters are legendary badasses on Pandora, treasure hunters on steroids, who risk life and limb for the chance of finding completely bugfuck crazy treasures guarded by impossibly powerful alien monsters. After getting just a taste of this life, Fiona is ready as anything to leave the conning behind and take up the mantle. She's spent enough time hiding and living in a caravan; she's ready for adventure to be her life.

It's the only thing that will get Sasha and her off Pandora, anyway. The high risk/high reward life of a Vault Hunter will more reliably get them off that rock instead of petty schemes, and Fiona has promised her sister that they'll get out of there someday. And despite working as a professional liar, Fiona takes promises very seriously.

Trust is not something that she takes lightly, so once someone gains her trust and vice-versa, they are in her confidence for life... unless they heck up, at which point they have a lot to make up for, and may not ever get back in her good graces. Fiona won't lie to people who have her trust, and she won't betray them. She knows it's foolish to expect the same from other people -- nobody can be trusted, after all -- but she can't help it. She always does anyway, and it always hurts just the same; even through all the suspicion and mistrust that has been burned into her, all Fiona really wants is somebody she can rely on. And on Pandora, that's a tough order to fill.

This desire for friendship and trust can be seen in Fiona's interactions with both her sister and the childlike robot, Gortys. Fiona has a nurturing streak in her, a strong pull toward taking care of people and shielding them from the seedier and more dangerous elements of life. Orphaned and taking care of her sister until she was taken in by Felix, things that represent family are comforting to her, but it's not a comfort she indulges in too frequently.

It's a soft spot that doesn't come out very much, mostly because she has to constantly be on her toes and looking out for herself, but she lets her guard down around those she trusts implicitly (Sasha) or those who are too innocent to betray her (Gortys). Otherwise she's hardened herself to be cold, though it doesn't always work: after being sold out by Felix, she warns him about a bomb seconds after telling him she'll get him for his betrayal. Despite her best efforts, despite the knowledge that nobody is to be trusted, her good-heartedness gets the best of her every time.

But that doesn't mean she's always sunshine and rainbows. Fiona can be extremely petty and immature when her buttons are pressed the right way, and her tongue is as sharp as scary needles. As she says, talking is her best talent, whether it be verbally berating someone or persuading herself out of dangerous situations. She likes to argue and mouth off, and sometimes the line between good-natured ribbing and actual cruelty can blur if she gets too heated. But in normal situations, she's very good at reading people and always knows when to pull back. Unless she just doesn't care. Then she'll risk a pistol whip to the face, no problem.

Fiona has a bit of a daredevil streak, sometimes leaping before she looks (or talking before she thinks); she's largely presented as fearless instead of rash, though it's fair to say there's certain amount of recklessness behind it as well. She makes plans on the fly and they usually work out -- she has a ton of practice doing it, after all, and her ability to guess others' reactions and moves works in her favor.

All this might make her sound like some kind of supreme badass who's dead inside, but she's actually very charming and prone to making light of most situations. And the mocking. Oh, god, the mocking. Being a take-no-shit kind of lady, Fiona calls out dumb stuff when she sees it, and doesn't hold back on voicing her opinions: her mouth is both her weakness and her strength, and shit-talking her only vice. It's a combination of skill and dumb luck that she hasn't gotten shot in the face yet.

  • CONWOMAN. Fiona has been conning, scamming, and grifting for most of her life. Lying and seeing through lies are how she makes a living. She thinks fast and talks faster, which sometimes gets her into trouble, but can just as easily get her out of it. These skills also include forgeries, pickpocketing, lockpicking (even fancy digital locks), breaking and entering, etc., but her expertise is in talking.
  • VAULT HUNTER. She has just begun tutelage under experienced Vault Hunter and renowned gladiator Athena, who is teaching her to put her quick thinking skills to use in dangerous situations. She's still very much a novice, but she apparently learns fast, so give it a few months and she'll be Indiana Jonesing with the best of them.
  • GUESSWORK. As a visual thinker, Fiona can guess what's going to happen before it happens, and can choose her moves appropriately. This isn't any kind of magical/supernatural foresight: she's just very good at being several steps ahead of other people (or things).
  • IN A FIGHT. Fiona doesn't like guns, preferring to talk her way out of most situations, though her opinion on this is slowly changing. She's a decent shot, and living the tough life out in the borderlands of Pandora means she can physically take care of herself in a fight; if her sister Sasha is any indication, Fiona can snap a dude's neck, which is actually pretty freakin' hard. In a strict one-on-one fistfight, she will lose to someone who is a trained soldier or killer, but brawls are no problem, and if she's allowed to improvise with her surroundings, she has an even better chance.
  • KINDA TECHY? She's not a MASTER HACKER but she comes from a scifi universe so she knows how computers work, is good with touch screens, etc. Basically a respectable skill level for someone in a near-future setting.

  • Clothes (including snazzy hat)
  • Eyeball (in pocket)
  • An elemental (corrosive, incendiary, shock) single-shot derringer ("Roshambo")
  • A lot of freakin' bullets for the above (thanks, Athena)
  • A stack of Borderlands universe money, this is useless
  • A gift box with a pocket watch in it: the watch has a one-time use death reversal mechanic (not that she knows what's in the box or even that it can do the thing)
  • Psycho mask
  • One (1) flash grenade
  • One (1) lucky bullet
  • A thing of lipstick

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LOG SAMPLE: Even cleverer.
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